Note that the recent volcanic activity in Iceland is not causing any issues with arriving and departing from Iceland.
All regular tours and activities are operating as scheduled with the exception of Blue Lagoon visits and Reykjanes tours. The volcanic activity is limited to an area on the Reykjanes peninsula, with no effects on the capital area or other areas in Iceland.
In the case of any cancellations due to Blue Lagoon closures or other interruptions, a full refund will be provided.

Short Notice Tours from Reykjavík - Top 9 tours and activities

If you're visiting the beautiful city of Reykjavík and don't have much time to plan your itinerary, worry not! We've got you covered with our top 9 short-notice tours and activities. From horseback riding to soaking in hot springs, these tours will give you a taste of Iceland's stunning natural beauty without having to spend too much time planning. So grab your camera and get ready for an adventure - let's dive right in!

Hvammsvík Hot Springs

The #1 place to visit in 2023 according to TimeOut Magazine! Hvammsvík Hot Springs is a new addition to the Icelandic theme of geothermal relaxation. At Hvammsvík there are 8 natural hot springs with varying temperatures, a steam cave, and outdoor relaxation areas. It’s located only 45 minutes from Reykjavík city so it’s a perfect activity for when you have a free afternoon. You can rent towels and robes on the spot as well as enjoy some local food at the bistro. Book this tour

Horseback riding

A horseback riding tour from Reykjavík is the best way to get to know the unique Icelandic horse. With specially trained guides, embark on an unforgettable journey across paths lined with lava fields and green hillsides. The friendly horses will provide a ride of a lifetime, and when your journey ends, complimentary coffee, tea, and hot chocolate await in the stables. This tour is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders alike. Book this tour! 

Reykjavík Peak ATV Tour

If you’re looking for a tour where you can experience Icelandic nature whilst also having some adrenaline-filled fun, an ATV tour is a great option. The tour takes you along the stunning Lake Hafravatn, and across a variety of terrains, you can explore. The journey continues upwards to the peak of Hafrafell mountain, from where you can admire the Hengill mountain range, an active volcanic system unparalleled in Iceland, in combination with Hellisheiði – the geothermal power plant for Reykjavík. From here you’ll get a magnificent view of Faxaflói bay, the whole capital region, the Bláfjöll mountain range, and Esja mountain. The tour is suitable for the whole family! Book this tour! 

Inside the volcano

This tour opens the door to a new world, the dormant Þríhnjúkagígur volcano. This tour involves 45–50 minutes to the crater and a descent of 120 meters/400 feet by an open cable lift. The hike to the volcano is an integral part of the tour, not only because of the breathtaking scenery but also because it's the only way you can get to the base of the volcano. This tour is great for those who want to visit a very unique attraction. Book this tour! 

Sea Angling

If you want to try a true Icelandic experience, then Sea Angling is the way to go. The tour departs from the historic Reykjavik Old Harbour heading for Faxaflói Bay. The experienced crew knows the best spots and can spot fish quickly. Even if you have never done sea angling before, don't fret - the guides will happily show you what to do. The tour caters to both experienced fishermen and those looking to relax and enjoy the scenery with a rod in hand. On board the boat the crew will grill your catch and serve it alongside potatoes, making it a memorable adventure! Book this tour!

Classic Puffin Watching

The classic puffin tours offer an intimate, fun, and comfortable adventure on a small boat! Depending on the tide and conditions, our captains will take you to Engey, Akurey, or Lundey - these three islands are renowned for their abundance of birdlife. You won't step foot on the island itself but strive to get as near as possible without disrupting any birds nesting there. In addition to puffins, you can also spot numerous species of birds, During the tour, the crew will tell you interesting facts about puffins and their surroundings. Book this tour! 

Raufarhólshellir Lava Tube

This a great tour for those who want to experience an easygoing visit to the lava tunnels of Iceland. You will follow the path of the lava that flowed during the Leitahraun eruption, which occurred 5200 years ago, which will take you to the fourth-longest lava tube in Iceland. During the hour-long tunnel tour, you will be amazed at the shapes and colors you see, they’re truly out of this world! Book this tour!

FlyOver Iceland

Get ready to soar above land, sea, and ice with the arctic winds. FlyOver Iceland is an unparalleled experience, situated in the vibrant Grandi Harbor District. The innovative technology provides a true feeling of flight as you sit in front of a 20-meter widescreen. The ride is further enhanced with special effects of wind, mist, and scents. Plus, you will be immersed in captivating pre-flight events before your journey begins. Your host Sú Vitra and our flight guides will guide you through two unique adventures that bring Iceland's stories, people, and natural wonders to life! Book this tour! 

Wonders of Iceland

This exhibition is an experience like no other. Explore the rare and astonishing natural wonders of Iceland within the iconic building Perlan. Discover the power of volcanoes, earthquakes, and geothermal energy; experience first-hand the unique landscape of this region by visiting the only planetarium in Iceland to see Northern Lights; take a trip inside what feels like an authentic ice cave that reveals the story of Icelandic glaciers, their impact on the land and its future. Finally, witness stunning views of Reykjavik from the observation deck with an unbeatable 360° panorama. Book this tour!