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Tour Operator: Troll Expeditions 6 days Travel method:   Mini Bus / Car Region / Starts from: Capital Region
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6 Day Around Iceland Summer Minibus Tour

Book this 6-day guided trip to discover Iceland’s natural wonders in-between the capital Reykjavík and the ‘Capital in the North’ Akureyri. Each place you retire to at night is of the best available accommodation. This will make sure you have enough rest and relaxation to get the most out of your adventure. During the booking process, you will have the option to add a selection of extra activities to enhance your adventure further.

DAY 1 - The Golden Circle your tour begins with your expert tour guide picking you up in Iceland’s capital Reykjavík to embark on your first adventure, the Golden Circle Route. This is the most popular tourist circuit in Iceland and it features three main attractions: Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir geothermal area.

After a safety and social introduction to your minibus and guide, you will move onto the first stop of the day, Þingvellir National Park. Not only is this vast park beautiful to look at, but it is also remarkable geographically as the ridge that runs through it is comprised of two exposed tectonic plates.

The Eurasian and North American plates pull apart here and give you the unique opportunity to walk between continents. It is also a historically rich area as it was also the sight where the first Icelandic parliament met in 930 AD, an institution which is still in operation today. You will have time to gently stroll through the park before returning to your tour bus.

Your next two stops are no less impressive. Gullfoss is a huge waterfall which cascades in two tiers into a massive 32m deep canyon. The resultant spray of the falling water often catches the light on sunny days casting rainbows across this beautiful natural wonder.

You will also stroll through the geothermal area named after its most famous resident, Geysir. Although nowadays this legendary hot spring very seldom erupts, you can watch his neighbour Strokkur erupt up to 20-metres in the air every 5-minutes.

You will spend the evening in accommodation in the Golden circle area.

Day 2 - South Coast & Katla Ice Cave Today you will travel along the picturesque South Coast. Your first stops will be at two of Iceland’s most famous waterfalls. The first, Seljalandsfoss, cascades from the great heights of the interior; its unique feature is the small cavern that lies behind it which allows you to walk completely around it.

The next waterfall is called Skógarfoss which falls in a broad curtain from the steep highlands, and it is rumoured to have an ancient treasure hidden behind it. On sunny days, more than one rainbow can often be spotted depending on how close you get to its thunderous spray.

Today you have the option of adding a visit to the amazing Katla ice cave which is a great way to get to know more about glaciers and volcanic eruptions in the history of Iceland.

The final attraction for the day in the beautiful black sand beach Reynisfjara defined not only for its colour but its impressive basalt columns and famous sea stacks.

You will then head onto your accommodation close to the idyllic coastal town of Vík.

Day 3 - Jökulsarlon & Diamond Beach Your next destination will be the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón with a few stops along the way. Jökulsárlon is formed by the receding glacial tongue Breiðamerkurjökull where huge chunks of ice break away and float lazily out to sea. No one iceberg is the same and each is characterized by different blue and white shades scarred with volcanic ash from historical eruptions. During your visit to the Glacier Lagoon you'll hop on a boat and sail between the giant icebergs floating around

Before reaching the Glacier Lagoon we will take you to Skaftafell for a 3 hour glacier hike on the largest glacier in Iceland, Vatnajokull to enjoy the view from the great heights as well as to feel the icy giant underneath your crampons. It can be cold on the glaciers even in summer so remember to pack accordingly.

As the ancient icy giants make it to sea, some wash up on the adjacent beach which has been nicknamed Diamond Beach for the glittering chunks of ice that arrive with the surf. Walk beside chunks of ancient glacial ice and marvel at the magical sight at your feet.

You will spend the evening close to the Höfn area.

Day 4 - The Eastfjords Today you will be exploring the beautiful and remote Eastfjords. Travelling through mountainous passes with the ocean to your left, your guide will make a number of stops along these meandering passages. As well as being known for its dramatic fjords, this area is characterised by its breathtaking beaches, littered with multi-coloured pebbles and rocks.

The entire region is sparsely populated, but the small communities that exist there live in quaint fishing communities, each with their own idiosyncrasies. Your guide will introduce you to small-town life out in the countryside before heading to the central ‘hub’ of the East, Egilsstaðir. As well as being the largest town in the Eastfjords, it is also close to the largest forest in Iceland, Hallormsstaðaskógar and the lake Lagafljót in which a legendary water monster is said to reside.

An optional horse back riding tour at a local horsebreadng farm can be added during the booking process or during the tour. 

Another optional extra is stay go to the VÖK Baths 

You will spend the night in Egilsstaðir.

Day 5 - Lake Mývatn - Traveling to the North You will be making your way to the North of Iceland today, right across the large and beautiful expanse of Vatnajökull National Park. Your first stop of the day will be the magnificent Dettifoss waterfall, the most powerful in Europe. The spray of this gigantic natural feature can be seen far before you reach the falls itself. Its awe-inspiring character has inspired many movie makers to select this area as a backdrop, including the blockbuster, Prometheus.

Your next destination is the varied and dynamic Mývatn area, named after the lake (‘Midge Lake’). This area is known for its energetic geothermal activity and you will get to see this first hand at the Námskarð area where these forces rise to the surface through steaming mud puddles and fumaroles.

The optional activity for the day is to soak in the Mývatn Nature Baths, to bask in the geothermal power of the surrounding area and enjoy magnificent views.

You will then head to the ‘Capital of the North’, Akureyri. Before you cross the mountain pass to get there, however, you will make a quick stop at the waterfall, Goðafoss. This is a historically famous site in which the old idols of the pagan religion were cast into the water as an act of fealty towards the Christian faith.

You will spend the night in Akureyri

Day 6 - North Iceland Today you will head back to where your journey began. You can explore the town of Akureyri or take in some final extra adventures.

From here you could catch a whale watching tour. You will hop aboard a boat in the local harbour and head out to spot these gentle giants.

You will then head further south to the Hvitserkur area. Hvitserkur is an intriguing rock formation that is often referred to as the ‘Troll of Northwest Iceland.’ It stands 15 metres tall in the Hunafloi Bay. Local legends say that this formation was once a troll who stayed out too late and when the sun came up, was turned to stone. Today Hvitserkur is one of the most photographed attractions in Northern Iceland and you will quickly see why.

You will then head back to the capital of Reykjavik. You will have plenty of time on the way to take in the beautiful sights of Iceland and reflect on your incredible journey.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Iceland and book this summer guided tour today, so you can see much of what Iceland has to offer as well as experiencing the warm glow of the Midnight Sun. Check availability by choosing a date.

What is included
  • 6 day guided tour to the South Coast, East and North of Iceland, travelling via the Ring Route
  • 5 nights of accommodation in various country hotels with breakfast and a private bathroom
  • Breakfast
  • Taxes   
  • Glacier Hike
  • Hauganes Whale Watching Tour
Important information
  • Warm and waterproof clothing
  • Camera
  • A sense of adventure
  • Good shoes
  • Swimsuit and a towel  

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