Tour Operator: Lilja Tours 16 hours Travel method:   Mini Bus / Car Region / Starts from: Capital Region

Private Minivan Tour to the sceneries of Snæfellsnes peninsula with Northern Lights Hunting

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula

The peninsula is located in western Iceland and is named like so after its first settler: Bárður Snæfellsás. But you might often hear about it as "Iceland in miniature".

This is due to the fact that this tiny volcanic piece of volcanic land is showcasing all the diverse types of landscapes that can be found in Iceland. Indeed, one can see, just a few kilometers apart: Glaciers, volcanic craters, waterfalls, black sand beaches, lakes, lava fields, cliffs, basaltic columns and much much more.

 A journey to the peninsula is a journey to witness the forces of nature, to look into a not-so-distant volcanic past, to hear about epic icelandic sagas, and of course to gaze at some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet.

Northern Lights Hunting

In the evening, after the dark night has fallen, your guide will take you to an area where it is likely to get clear skies, as it is the most important condition to get a chance to see the Northern Lights

If your chances are best on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, you will stay there until the night comes, and your guide will take you to a location of his choice. Should the most promising area be in a different region, you will decide together if it is best to have a resting break in Reykjavík or drive straight to that other location.

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What is included
  • Hot chocolate during the Northern Lights Hunt
Important information
  • Please bring clothes for all types of weather during the day, including proper footwear
  • Also bring warm clothes for the Northern Lights Hunt
  • The Northern Lights Hunt can happen in different areas, not necessarily in the Golden Circle, as stipulated in the description of the tour
  • The nights in Icelandic winters can be very cold, and we are going to stand outside for a long time. Please bring clothes accordingly.